Quality, service and honesty are our watchwords at Frontside Electronics AB.

In order to make your contacts with us as smooth and clear as possible, we have developed a method for the internal and external functioning of the company. Each stage of our business operations is documented and checked.

This creates security and ensures that both parties have a full overview.

Further guiding principles in Frontside’s company profile are order and clarity. These ensure that production flows safely and efficiently.

Major parts of our operations are automated, and we use computer-controlled mounting tables and fully-automatic surface-mounting machines.

Production also puts high demands on our premises. That is why our working environment is ESD-protected, ensuring that the floor, benches and chairs divert static electricity away, preventing it from destroying the cards which we produce.

Each step of the production process is carefully checked, and the finished card is thoroughly inspected before certification.
The checking of all functions and quality control ensure a perfect final product. Only then can we feel that the commission has been completed.

Certain stages of production are carried out manually by our highly-skilled personnel: for example, complicated soldering jobs, which are carried out under a microscope using the smallest of components and giving the highest degree of accuracy.



Frontside Electronics often provides reserve capacity for companies with their own production.
But just as often, we carry out high-quality work for customers who do not have the possibility of making their own PCBs.

In both cases, we help with the adaptation of production, choice of components and preliminary calculations at the construction stage. Our experience ensures that the customer can more rapidly achieve a better, safer and more price competitive solution.

For example, if a company has developed a product and plans to present a prototype, it is important right from the start that the product design is correctly suited for production.

This is where Frontside comes in. We help to make prototype development accurate and efficient without any detours. We can also provide advice and ideas concerning the serial production, so that the product will be rational in the future.
We are great believers in studies that provide the basis for rational production. In order for Swedish production to be competitive internationally, it is vital to carry out preparatory work to ensure that the product can be produced as rationally as possible. Production must be as smooth as possible, and it is important that as much as possible is automated.

It is about being flexible and open to suggestions. You have to dare to point out faults, and maintain open and trusting communication. Then, the final product will be more competitive, even in mass production and on all the important markets.


Frontside Electronics can use the customer’s own materials to complete a commission. However, it is more common that we provide the components for the card.
Frontside is able to offer an efficient purchasing function in collaboration with the trusted electrical and electronics supplier Westcomp AB. Westcomp composes and delivers complete kits of components.
Westcomp ’s many years of experience, extensive network, high-volume sales and advantageous purchasing agreements ensure reliable delivery and advantageous prices for us.
This reduces the work of purchasing to a minimum. Stocks can be held at a very low level, which increases profitability for everyone, and makes total costs extremely advantageous, both for small and large production runs. This way of doing things has the following advantages:

• Purchasing costs become variable costs, which makes them easy to manage.
• Flexibility increases, since any specific component can easily be exchanged or receive special work, as required.

• Increased dynamics, as the most expensive components can be purchased directly, while other components can be bought in kits.

• Components can be continually upgraded, renewing material and improving logistics.

Frontside’s internal replacement stock is computer controlled, enabling predictions of future demand and planning for the best use of resources. With this complete overview, we can easily adapt to the needs of our customers and respond to new, inspiring impulses.


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