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A long-term partner

FRONTSIDE is an independent manufacturer of electronics. We are proud to work with the very best and we are constantly increasing our efforts to match that trust.Our strategy aims at closer cooperation with customers to obtain products with the right quality and to a very good overall economy. This is based on fixed delivery agreements of series production and with special emphasis on service services, such as prototypes, short-term deliveries etc.

Short facts

Establishment year 1990 

Place Mölnlycke 

Number of employees 40 

CEO Helene Winberg 

COO Mikael Wikberg 

Chairman of the Board Robert Olsson


To enable "Made in Sweden".

We will be the obvious partner when a product is to be manufactured in Sweden.

The second generation must run the company for at least as long as the first.

A factory, SEK 120 million in turnover, 50 employees.


The company was founded in 1990 by Robert Olsson who has a long and solid experience of the electronics industry, several years at Ericsson and previously own company Flowline AB.

FRONTSIDE Electronics AB is a family business and started in the family's garage where, among other things, they took home the order to manufacture the new cash registers that would be on the then newly opened Burger King on Avenyn. Premises were soon found in Gulinshuset in Sisjön.

At first Robert would do everything himself, but it did not last long. His wife Anette left her many years of service in the bank and took on working with administration and staff. After a few years, the company grew out of its premises in Sisjön and moved to new premises in Mölnlycke Business Park.

After a 10-year generational change in 2010-2020, FRONTSIDE is today run by his daughter Helene, who is the CEO, and his son Mikael, who is the COO.


​​Företagsvägen 2, SE-435 33 Mölnlycke SWEDEN

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Telefon: +46(0)31-33 80 100

E-mail: info@frontside.se


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