​The first complete surface mounting line consists of a loader that feeds a DEK Horizon 03iX and on to a Mycronic MY-100 which is converted to a MY-200.

In the second line, a loader feeds straight into a MY-100, also converted to a MY-200.​​

The third complete line consists of a loader that feeds into a fully automatic ERSA Versaprint 3D-SPI that three-dimensionally controls the placement and height of the solder paste before it feeds into Mycronic's latest model MY-300.

All circuit boards are inspected in an AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) BF-3DI-L1 from SAKI, the components are checked with regard to location, direction and value and that all solders on the circuit boards are checked.

Thru-hole mounted components are automatically soldered in an ERSA Versaflow 4/55 with two separate soldering heads in a nitrogen gas environment for best soldering results.

Our surface-mounted circuit boards are soldered in an ERSA Hotflow 3/20e which is 6.3 m long and has many heting/cooling zones for perfect soldering.​


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